Blog 4

My boyfriend’s mom inspires me. She is a hardworking woman who never stops. I used to work with her and I would come straight home and take a nap, while she continued to work hard for her children. She is always doing for everyone including me. She took me in as one of her own children and I have never looked back. One of the biggest things that inspires me is the way she treats her children. They always come first. I have never once seen her do something that was not with her children in mind. She will run the Earth for a million years just for her kids. I love that about her. She is always so motivated to do everything. I really do not know where she gets her energy, but she is committed to whatever she is doing. She also does not let anything hold her back. I do not necessarily speak up for myself during certain situations, but she will speak up for whatever she believes in. Plus, she raised an amazing son.

I would like to hope I inspire someone, especially my siblings. I am oldest child with six younger siblings. I was the first to go to college in my family. I was also the first to really move out of my house and never look back. One of my sisters is now in college and I hope that I inspired her a little to stay in college even through hardships. I hope my other siblings are inspired by me and they will follow my path.


My Dream Vacation

If I could go anywhere without worrying about the cost I would definitely plan a trip to the Bahamas. I love the beach, it is literally my favorite place. I used to live about an hour away from two different beaches, however, I am now about four hours away from the coast. Because of this, every place I travel has to have a beach. (LOL) The Bahamas always looks so beautiful and I cannot wait to visit there. If I could go I would bring my boyfriend and his family with me. My boyfriend actually has family in the Bahamas and I think that would be a good opportunity for them to see everyone.

As for the list, I really do not think any of them are useful for a traveler. The last thing that I would be worried about are expensive sweatpants. However, I would like plane tickets, I have a bright pink luggage tag, and I need a case for my passport. Those things seemed pretty useful. I would add a converter for outlets that do not support our type of plug ins. I would also add travel sized everything: hair products, makeup, toothpaste, etc. I would also add a suitcase organizer that way it is easier to pack. The last thing I would add to this list would be a reliable pet sitter because any traveler with fur babies knows that they need a great place for their pets to stay on vacation, as well. Overall, this list seems a little silly because I am not really interested in making sure I have a necklace from home when I am going someplace like the Bahamas. Home would be the last thing on my mind.

My Dinner Party

If I were to have a dinner party and I could invite any ten people, I would invite Jesus Christ, Julius Ceasar, Einstein, Bernay’s, my great grandfather, my boyfriend, Elon Musk, Julio Jones, Daniel Edelman, and Adele. I would choose Jesus Christ because I want to know what was going on during his time, how he accomplished his goals, etc. I would be very interested in hearing his stories. I would bring Julius because he is one of the first public figures to promote himself. I would want to know how others took this idea. Plus, I would love to hear about his life. Einstein is a genius so I would just be interested in having a conversation with him. I could not have a dinner party without the father of public relations so Bernays would definitely get an invite. I would want him to explain his thought process to me, like how he came to the ideas, plus what he thinks of public relations today. I would bring my great grandfather because he passed away a couple of weeks before I was born, and my dad really looks up to him. Everyone always speaks so highly of him. I would love to meet him. I would bring my boyfriend because I would want to be able to talk to someone about the dinner party after everyone left. Elon Musk is a genius in my eyes, and I would just be interested to hear his plans with the future. Plus, my boyfriend looks up to him so he would have someone to talk to during dinner. I love the Atlanta Falcons so why not have a meal with Julio Jones. I would bring the Daniel Edelman just to hear him talk about his company. I would want to hear every detail of it. Finally, I would invite Adele because I love Adele. I think she has a lot to say and would love to hear whatever she wants to talk about. My dinner party would be in space or something crazy like that because I would want to go somewhere I could not normally go. I would also serve really good Chinese food because that is my favorite food, ever. The number one discussion I would have with everyone at the table would be what they think of the world today. That would be very interesting.

My Dream Job

I am really not sure what my dream job is, yet. I have not thought about that because I have just been in the mindset that if I get a good job with good benefits, I would be content. With that being said I have always looked up to Edelman’s Communications Marketing Firm. If I had to pick a dream, this company is definitely it! I love everything about them. I think Daniel Edelman was such a smart man. He managed to open something that was not necessarily needed and grow it into a leading, international firm. Richard Edelman, the current CEO, is just as much a genius, and I just really admire that company and its workers. I know that to get into the Edelman firm it is very challenging. For one, I would be willing to move. Many are not willing to leave their state for a job. Currently, I am in Las Vegas, where I will be moving after graduation. I am open to wherever my career takes me. Because I am almost finished with my bachelor I am already on the right track. Also, after I obtain my undergraduate degree, I want to continue on to get my masters degree. I would love to go into digital marketing. During this time I hope to be working for a firm that I can build my resume up with. After I obtain my graduate degree, I hope to get an APR. This certificate is very difficult to get, and it actually takes months to complete. You have to present in front of a board, take classes, etc. Plus, it is a little costly. Because I am so open to moving, plan on obtaining my masters, and APR, I can set myself apart from the competition.